Thursday, September 30, 2010

500 hundred words on Bruegel.

“Landscape with the fall of Icarus” is a description of a wonderful day, during which a misfortune happened. In some words I will describe this day.
The sun shone with all its rays; the clouds, even combined, couldn’t stop the sun rays from delivering their delightful light and warmth. Pervasive across, the rays, seemed to please everyone and everything.
      The blue sea, sprinkle with coral, reflecting the beautiful blue sky, is one of the most charming set of that show. Adding to that, a handful of scattered trees borders the road along the coast. Further, the slope of the mountains, domesticated by the architecture of the city and embellished by the cliffs near the beach, gave it a natural and unique beauty.
The clear and calm sea was not only reflecting the beauty of the atmosphere but it also allowed little and big boats to sail and go about their business to their own risks of course; because the ocean was teeming with reefs. Apart the boats, a small island was laying and completing the show.
     On the island, overcame a small castle bordered at the backyard by a set of tree. Among the visitors of the sea, was counted some animals such as sheep. The sheep were drinking water from the sea or maybe just watching fishes under the water since it’s saltwater. Some of them are also eating leaves. We also have other animals such as seagulls and some other quadrupeds. Also present in the show, the first and the cleverest being among all beings, men.
In a corner, a man, squatted, has his hand in the water. In another corner, another one was staring at the sky, relying on his cane, his backpack suspended on his back, while his dog is stealing something from his pocket without even noticing that.
The few trees, according to their leaves and also the farmer with his machine tilling the field indicate that we’re in spring, right before the rainy season. The peasant is getting the ground tilled for the farming.
While the other animals are drinking, the donkey is working on ploughing the ground, guided by a robust young man that holds it from a rope and uses a whip to force it to work when it’s getting a little lazy. Around the tilling field, we observe some brown and black parts of wood just like they’ve just operated the burn technique. Technique that consists in burning the useless rest of the crops to expand the production capacity of the land.
The men are dealing with their business, the sheep are drinking and eating, the dog is stealing its “belongings” from the peasant pocket. The donkey is in its laboring day but the seagulls are twirling around and around on each edge of each boat. This sunny and shiny day as described was, or more precisely, could be one of the grandest and the most beautiful days if we skipped this significant little fact. Everyone are focused on their businesses but toward the boat, we can see a leg that is drifting from the surface of the water.
This leg is Icarus’s, son of Daedalus, who by disobeying his father’s commands fatally fell into the water and is now drowning. He also, by disobeying his father, fatally broke his heart; Daedalus did his best to warn him but still couldn’t hold him from disobeying.
 The picture “landscape with the fall of Icarus” helps understand that even if sometimes you think that the world is joyful or happy, it’s not necessary the truth.
And also, it helps us realize that we shouldn’t try to go against the tide of the rules that were already established.

an example from the ovid D.J.

Far off, far down, some fisherman is watching
As the rods, dips and trembles over the water,
Some shepherd rests his weight upon his crook,
Some ploughman on the handles of the ploughstare,
And all look up in absolute amazement,
At those air-borne above. They must be gods!

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I'm optimist about life, but I always think of the bad sides of it to take good vibes from them.